Established in 1997, Bioconservación is the world leader in ethylene absorption with potassium permanganate pellets.

The competitive advantage of our company is the high absorption capacity of our pellets. Third party test of independent institutions (Cambridge Reefer Technologies, UC Davis, etc.) prove our claims. This big differences in absorption capacity allow more compact products, lower pressure drop, less residues and labor savings when the pellets has to be replaced.

Bioconservacion Bioconservacion
Bioconservacion Bioconservacion

Our systems withdraw ethylene, odors and different types of fungi and bacteria.

The Bioconservacion products are approved for Organic use by different institutions (Ecocert, Soil Food Association, Argencert..) .

Bioconservación offers the widest product range available in the market (sachets, filters, machines, etc.)

Bioconservacion offers a wide range of products, focused to improve the quality of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Our products cover ethylene absorption, humidity control, quality control instruments and in-transit temperature recorders.

To make it happen, Bioconservacion has a commercial network which is present in the 30 most important grower countries of fruit and vegetables.